Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Question Kids Ask that Pushes Your Hot Button

You've got those kids who always ask, "Who's going on the retreat?" before they make the decision, and it always drives you mad, right? Now it's your turn to ask, "Who's going?" to Rooted: A Theology Conference for Student Ministry, for which you can Register Now.

Who's coming to Rooted?
Youth ministers, Sunday school leaders, seminarians, parents, PhD candidates, teachers, and just about anyone you can think of who ministers to kids.

Where are they coming from? New York, Alabama, Washington, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, get the point. They're coming from all over the country.

From what churches? Baptist, Presbyterian (EPC, PCA, PCUSA), Methodist, Non-denominational, Episcopal, Anglican, Reformed Church, para-church ministries, and just about any context you can imagine.

Why are they coming?

  • To learn how to better make life-long disciples of Christ
  • To be refreshed by the message of grace
  • To find fellowship with other youth ministers who take youth ministry seriously
  • To learn what Gospel-centered ministry looks like
  • To hear great talks

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